English translation of WikiLeaks’ Dutroux dossier: pages 1-40 of 1235

Dutroux Scandal Analysis

We are in the process of translating the Dutroux document leaked by WikiLeaks in 2009. We will also analyse parts of it that reveal things previously unknown to the public. Here is the link to the original French-language document on WikiLeaks’ website: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Belgium:_Dutroux_dossier_summary,_1235_pages,_2005
86/96 BRUXELLES                                                                                                                                                                                           1
——————|N°    | Th     |                                                   Summaries
NOTES PRO |                    | This Catherine PROSMAN  is the wife of Paul EVERARD
22/08/96        |                  | (av. des Touristes 23, 1640 St-GENESIUS-RHODES) worked with FLIER
                        |                    | for the firm BIPA until 1985. She used a VISA card a lot. She started again to use a VISA card a lot
                        |                    | (4906635890452018 with the name  EURO BELGIUM AIRLINES)
                                             | from March 1996, even abroad.
                        |                    |FIRMS:
                        |                    |
                        |                    |        SA PRE DE LA PERCHE CONSTRUCTION
                        |                    |        PROSMAN C./ Donald NICLAUS / Eric CABUY  /…

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