Diana Vaughan: Confessions of an Ex-Palladist

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It was in the Devil in the 19th century that the character Diana Vaughan appeared for the first time. Here’s why :

Albert Pike died in April 1891. Adriano Lemmi was to succeed him after a short interval, but he only entered the Supreme Pontificate at the cost of an election filled with intrigue and fraud. What was worse, because electoral irregularities unknown elsewhere are still quite common in the Masonic world, is that Lemmi had always shown a pronounced inclination for the worship of the devil, not in his quality of Good God of the Luciferians, but as prince of evil. Four months after his election in September 1893, an encyclical in his hand authorized the Palladists to address the god whom they worshiped indifferently under the names of Lucifer or Satan. It was too much. We learned of secessions, the most significant of which was that of Miss Diana Vaughan who then prepares to start a revolt and a schism. Diana Vaughan founded a counter-association of independent palladists and a magazine,The Regenerated and Free Palladium , link of independent Luciferian groups , the first number of which appeared in March 1894.

Another secessionist, Professor Domenico Margiotta, soon knight of the Pontifical Order of the Holy Sepulcher, attacked Lemmi in a work that made some noise, Souvenirs d’un Thirty-Third. Adriano Lemmi, Supreme Leader of the Freemasons [24] .

But let’s not go too far and deal with the reactions and especially the criticisms that aroused the publication of the Devil in the 19th century . For this, we will conduct a chronological study of the facts concerning reactions to the Devil in the 19th century and the events that will come to be grafted thereafter. We will therefore follow this adventure step by step, recounting the controversies of the time, making the sources speak for themselves, so that we are well in the mood of the time.


Some extracts from the Devil in the 19th century


“The role that I assigned myself was that of witness, of simple witness, swearing in my heart to refuse my assistance to any act contrary to my faith, if it were asked to me, and whatever the dangers that my refusal could make me run. ”


“However, it is important to note that the cabalists admitted to the mysteries of theurgy never pronounce the word Satan; they say Lucifer or Lucif. They consider as heretics certain dissident followers who invoke the devil under the name of Satan; the system of these, which I will also deal with, is called goety , as opposed to theurgy. Theurgists claim to practice white magic , and they describe goety as black magic . ”


“I will explain myself further on the strange phenomena, of which I wanted to cite an example without delay; I will say, as a doctor, how far can nature go in these things, and where does the supernatural begin, unless there is deception. ”


“The abbot explained to me again that the devil, true” monkey of God “- that is how, moreover, that all the Fathers of the Church describe it – puts a kind of self-esteem to respond to the miracles of heaven by wonders which are nothing but grotesque imitations.

Jesus Christ, forty days after his death, rose gloriously to heaven on the Mount of Olives. Simon the Magician, the founder of Gnosticism, to show publicly that he had at his disposal supernatural powers, rose in the air before the Emperor Nero and the Roman people: it is good to say that this prestige only succeeds ‘half ; Simon had ascended to a certain height, when Saint Peter who was there began to pray, and immediately the sectarian of Lucifer made a dreadful fall, in which he broke both his legs and from which he died soon after. ”


“Palladism, we know, is high masonry. It is made up of a total of five grades: three male, and two female. The male grades are: 1 ° the Kadosch du Palladium; 2 ° the Hierarch; 3 ° the Elected Mage. The female grades are: 1 ° the Chosen; 2 ° the Mistress Templar. […]

Palladism only seeks its recruits from Freemasons, and again it needs, for its hermetic initiations, brothers who have already achieved philosophical and cabalistic ranks. […]

Now, to speak only of the three rites that I have just mentioned, it is only at the ranks of Kadosch (thirtieth degree, Scottishism), Chevalier de Saint-Michel (twenty-seventh degree, York) and Grand Inquisitor Commander (sixty- sixth degree, Misraïm) that the initiate must clearly understand, unless he is the most obtuse of fools, that it is towards Satanism that he is directed.

Still, even after these grades, in ordinary rites, masonry only proceeds with an incredible luxury of precautions. Thus, in the Scottish Rite, we foresee the case where, at the thirty-second degree (rank of Prince of the Royal-Secret), the initiate has not yet understood the goal. The reception at this grade has a small variant which seems nothing, but which is most significant, in reality.

When conferring the grade on the recipient, the workshop president must give him a ring, and yet he may not give it to him . “Receive this golden ring, a token of our union,” says the Grand Commander (president’s title). The applicant, thus received with his Prince of the Royal-Secret ring, considers himself as truly initiated. Well, not at all ; it is precisely the initiate to whom the golden ring is given, which is received only for form; during the tests and the interrogation, it was found that he has not yet guessed that the great architect of the universe is none other than deified Lucifer, and his gold ring, which he will now wear with pride in the back-boxes, will designate him to the true initiates as being an unintelligent brother with whom he is careful not to talk too much; it will remain at the thirty-second degree and will go no further. ” [25]


“One of the most distinguished prelates of our century, Monsignor Germain, Bishop of Coutances, wrote somewhere:“ Satan’s greatest skill was to be denied; how to challenge an enemy who does not exist? ”

Certainly, this diabolical malice targets the multitude, prey to skepticism in these sad times. From skepticism to atheism, there is only one step. But Satan is not only malicious; above all, he is the father of pride. “No serviam! Is the cry he uttered in his revolt. Also, his monstrous pride is satisfied, when he sees men, even if they are mad, pay homage to him. To his worshipers he manifests himself. Well, it is good to publicize these manifestations. To see them is to force skepticism to admit defeat . By pride, you manifest yourselves to your elect, O Satan; witnesses arise, you can no longer be denied; for if you manifest, then you exist . And if you exist , you the fallen archangel, if you appear, even by fooling your faithful and by making them believe that you are the principle of good, if you show yourself to the followers of your re-theurgist or palladic religion, well , atheism is no longer sustainable . You are trapped, evil spirit! ”

  1. 242:

“Here we enter the marvelous, or, to put it better, the appalling. However, I cannot repeat it too often, all these things are of the most rigorous authenticity. Many skeptics shrugged their shoulders when Father Huc, a Lazarist missionary in these countries, published his travel accounts; yet he reported the absolute truth, and I am among those who confirm his assertions. ”


“At the time we live in, there are three truths that Freemasons stubbornly deny: 1 ° the existence of androgynous lodges; 2 ° the exercise of vengeances pushed to the point of crime; 3 ° the practice of Luciferianism.

To hear them, the association only admits brothers and not a single sister; far from having the slightest murder to blame, it is, on the contrary, essentially philanthropic; as for worshiping Satan under the name of great architect, it is necessary to have the spirit very badly turned to suppose such thing, considering that the divinity to which the masonic order pays homage is quite simply vague, ideal, indefinable.

This is what masons answer when asked these three questions.

I am in a hurry to say that, among those who say so, there are many who are in very good faith. One can have the highest grades of ordinary masonry, and have always been kept away from the workshops where brothers and sisters work together, ignore the enlistment and implementation of the ultionnists, and not even suspect occultism Luciferian (Palladic Theurgy, Fakirism, Old-Fellows, San-ho-hoeï, etc.).

On the fact of occultism, mainly, the question of grades, apart from high masonry , means nothing, absolutely nothing: thus, for example, in the Scottish Rite, a knight Kadosch (30th degree), that the Palladists were kind enough to call on them, recognizing him worthy of their mysteries, is in reality more educated, and, therefore, more in favor with secret leaders than an initiate in the 33 rd degree of this rite, kept in ignorance occultism and used only for administrative matters; this Kadosch will know everything, and the other, whatever he is, will know nothing. This is how the sect plays with so many followers, that it leads to the highest known ranks, using them when they believe they are using it, giving them “the ring” , this ring which designates them to true initiates as little perceptive brothers and whom it is necessary to maintain in sweet illusions, in a word, mocking them, mystifying them, not teaching them the secret of secrets, since from them – even they did not understand it.

I will cite only one case of this blindness in which the secret heads of high masonry take pleasure in holding those of their initiates who received the ring ; but this case is characteristic.



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