Robert Maxwell Series Part 3: – Shades of Epstein? Evidence Everywhere

UK Mind Manipulation

I have now added references in the form of  links into my first article Robert Maxwell Series Part 1 in respect of Maxwell’s links to child studies.

To continue this series I’d like to consider the subject of Maxwell’s link to Child Studies and the three other main topics which I raised in my second recent article Robert Maxwell Series Part 2.

Each of the four areas I will be addressing deserves it’s own separate article. The three other topics are:-

  1. The setting up of Butterworth Springer and the role of Pergamon Press in shaping Academia.
  2. How individuals were selected by Maxwell personally to head Journals to be published by Pergamon, including MKULTRA funded doctor Hans Eysenck.

eysenck King’s says the results and conclusions of Eysenck’s papers ‘were not considered scientifically rigorous’. Photograph: Nick Rogers/ANL/Rex/Shutterstock

Hans J Eyesenck

“His acolytes always bragged he was the most cited psychologist of all…

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