Steven Hoffenberg: Smoking Gun in Recovering Hundreds of Millions of Epstein Funds | Ed Opperman Podcast

Steven Hoffenberg is the Fmr CEO of NY Post, business partner and mentor of Jeffrey Epstein. Mr Hoffenberg is under a court ordered restitution in the sum of $475 million dollars due to a conviction related to Tower Financial. A company he co-owned with Jeffrey Epstein. In a bail application motion In 2019 Mr Epstein revealed the creation of Southern Trust in the Virgin Islands. This trust was purportedly created for the purpose of developing a DNA data-mining service. Hundreds of millions of unaccounted for funds appeared in southern Trust. Mr Hoffenberg believes these funds are from the Tower Financial scandal and is attempting to leverage his restitution court order into an examination of Southern Trust. Thus revealing the source of those funds. Mr Hoffenberg believes this spotlight on Southern Trust will smoke out a whistle blower to make a deal and reveal incriminating information about the source of those unaccounted for funds.






PPR- emergency broadcast Ed Opperman on Steven Hoffenberg’s breaking Epstein news

Ed Opperman joined me for a special broadcast. We talked about the new legal strategy by Steven Hoffenberg that could unravel the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein’s financial empire. Ed talked about his exclusive interview with Hoffenberg, and the unique way Hoffenberg is using his court mandated financial restitution against Epstein’s company Southern Trust. We also touched on the use of the Virgin Islands, potential financial whistleblowers, and Darren Indyke.


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