Massive Epstein evidence dump from the State of Florida

Prosecutors release trove of Jeffrey Epstein documents, photos and videos

The filthy floodgates have been opened.

A trove of documents, videos and pictures related to a sex trafficking case against fallen financier Jeffrey Epstein was released Monday, and revealed a strange proclivity for pink carpets — and pictures of underage girls.

Epstein, who committed suicide last year in the face of new charges, was the subject of a Florida investigation in 2004, during which Palm Beach sheriff’s deputies took video inside his sprawling mansion.

After entering with guns drawn, deputies captured images of Epstein’s erotic art, including a painting of a young nude girl draped across a white massage table and a sculpture of a woman’s backside.

Various walls of the $16.4 million mansion feature sketches of nude male and female bodies, A few of the photos are of Epstein’s then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, including one where she is outstretched naked on a beach.

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