The Epstein Chronicles goes to Zorro Ranch


11 thoughts on “The Epstein Chronicles goes to Zorro Ranch

  1. I live in ABQ ive been out to zorro ranch i was tempted to breakin in. There is a back way in. If you drive past the main gate and go up the road there you can the main house from the road. There is a storage bulding aways from the main house . Then a county road rhat you can left on as you go north there is a gate that is padlocked. There is a dirt road that leads to the house. I was to worried about getting shot or arrested for trespassing.


  2. I have information for Maria Farmer about her cancer. I helped my mother recover after she was told she had 6 months to live. Natural cures…by Kevin Trudeau was a very helpful book, albeit, Kevin is a crook. I can forgive him.
    Forgiveness is essential to completely stop being a victim. I’m one, but I’m healing myself.
    Positive thinking is a must. We create our own reality with our thoughts.
    – it’s virtually impossible to get cancer if you have a strong immune system.
    – 3 conditions must exist in our body before disease can develop.
    1. Acidic pH. 2. Toxicity. 3. Vitamin deficiency
    Stay away from sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs
    Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid therapy is provided by naturopathic doctors. Cancer cells are killed by it.
    Drink water with lemon juice added to it.
    Eat organic foods. Organic produce contains enzymes, which our bodies don’t produce.

    As far as helping to stop human trafficking, community gardens need to be built in all poor neighborhoods because community gardens reduce crime rates and they help people heal from depression.
    Many more positive benefits. Most children trafficked are poor. Jeffrey Epstein targeted poor girls. Also poor people are recruited into human trafficking.


    1. Hey there Jon. Great info. I noticed that people don’t ever talk about nutrition. I went to nursing college, one term. But my nutrition class opened my eyes. My instructor talked about healing cancer patients by giving them highly fortified food.
      Studying nutrition takes dedication because it’s about learning how to get healthy, which is a wholistic endeavor. But it’s worth it. For example:
      Vitamin E is linked to diabetes
      Olive leaf extract fights all kinds of infectious from the common cold to std’s, it strengthens the immune system.
      Google natural remedies (your ailment, how about heart, etc)


  3. Ghislaine Maxwell could be staying at the Zoro Ranch because there’s no way it will be raided by the FBI. Cory’s Digs did a video about Zoro Ranch. She had a map showing how Zoro ranch is surrounded by the King compound, which consists of several houses that insulate Zoro Ranch. Ghislaine could be staying at a King house.


  4. Bobby Capucci,
    This show is very influential; you’re influential because you have guests, on your show, that grant you an interview before anyone else covering the Jeffrey Epstein RICO crimes involving pedosatanism.

    A guest, on the Shaun Atwood Show, said the term pedophilia is incorrect. The actual heinous crimes of raping children are satanic, therefore, refer to the rapists, torturers, murderers as pedosatanists, it communicates the true nature of their horrific crimes.

    Also, incest is a pedosatanist crime and the people who are abusing children are very safe because they’re protected from being identified.

    How do we take action to in courage victims and others aware of incest to report it? Twitter and instagram are used by extensively school age children and this subject needs to saturate the minds of all family members so that the pedosatanists feel threatened.

    I know that it would be an effective way of exposing pedosatanists because I’ve noticed that your show has motivated Les Wexner to have a favorable article written about him in retaliation against Maria Farmers interview exposing him as the snakes head of a pedosatanist ring. Very very impressive.

    I only have ideas, but my ideas have proven to be very good in the past but I’m not in a position to do anymore than what I’m doing right now.

    Also, sending mailers about pedosatanism to communities that are targeted by human traffickers would inform people about ways to report abuse anonymously. If everyone is reporting pedosatanism, the offenders are exposed in their own communities.
    There will be power among the victims.

    Also, the government has done extensive research on the benefits of community gardens: they reduce crime rates, therefore, human trafficking will decrease. Community gardens decrease depression. Depressed people are more vulnerable, therefore, without depression people are not as likely to become victims of human trafficking.

    Also, now that lockdowns are being used, community gardens are needed more than ever. Community gardens need to have indoor/outdoor kitchens, recreation rooms, pools, bandstands, etc.

    Gofundme campaigns can pay for all the expenses.

    Also, people need to tell the government that they want information about the meaning of the symbols on dollar bills and that they want to know exactly what secret societies are about. Transparency is mandatory.
    Also, all other symbolism used by the government in courts, etc because Jordan Maxwell says it all is about the occult. But the word occult is another word for satanism.

    Taxation is illegal. Property taxes are illegal. Eminent domain is a word that means scamming people by forcing people from their homes.

    Nutrition and natural medicine are censored from becoming natural mainstream ways of living and strengthening the immune system. Why aren’t nutritionists on msm talking about herbal remedies. Garlic, echinacea, olive leaf extract, etc?

    I’ll tell you why, because the powerful rulers are against anything natural. Nothing is more natural than a mother breastfeeding a baby, yet it’s become a public disgrace, for humans, we’re animals too, but all other mammals are allowed to be natural.

    If the argument in favor of abortion is that women have the right to do what they want to their body, then that includes breastfeeding and taking natural remedies, vitamins, smoking weed, living free from the threat of predators who victimize people.


  5. To: Bobby Capucci

    RE: Connecting the dots to see where weak links are in the pedosatanism ring network.

    US Missing Children annual reports imply that they know who human traffickers are because they are able to estimate the billions of dollars that pedosatanism rings earn. Of course, victims also provide information as well, however, it seems like US Missing Children knows enough to make a huge number of arrests.

    Harvard published a 2014 corruption report that stated Arizona holds the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt state.

    Harvard researchers know what who where when and how corruption is taking place. They must disclose their findings.

    Do you think Professor Delay could help obtain the information that researchers used to write their report?


  6. To: Bobby Capucci
    RE: I’m Irritated With The Legal System

    Can we depend on the legal system to throw a RICO charge at the Jeffrey Epstein case? What if it doesn’t happen?

    Justice for all is the ultimate goal for the people following this case. People want pedosatanism to completely stop. Nothing is wrong with that and with good intentions good results are the goal.

    How do we, The People, create this reality? The hidden operations of the pedosatanist network are dangerous, so how do we make a difference while staying safe?

    I use my faith in Jesus and I’m Not a proponent of religion because that would make me a hypocrite being that the Catholic Church aids and abets pedosatanism.

    My belief in Jesus challenges me to believe His word, such as being safe. He promised abundance, therefore, I must focus on surviving a food shortage, really I want to put faith in the world overcoming evil, but realistically, liberty implies that we have to fight for it.
    Liberty never comes from the government, it always comes from the people.

    People can “influence “ the government to do the right thing. It’s a deliberate act of unification. I feel that I’m a like minded listener of your podcast, but there’s no plan.

    Perhaps the Netflix Jeffrey Epstein film will be an effective tool for waking people up. The more people that are informed the better because msm will have to readjust their narrative or cess to exist.

    But focusing on the legal system to do the right thing seems to be misplaced energy.

    I wish that you could interview different people who are known to have associated with Jeffrey Epstein.
    Take for instance, Mr. I didn’t take off my underwear Dershowitz. He said that he didn’t like massages anyway. Way did he continue to have massages over & over & over again when he didn’t like them? Did Jeffrey coerce Dershowitz into having them by threatening to give it to him in the behind?

    In that situation, if I were Mr. super smart Dershowitz, I would cess to associate with Jeffrey Epstein if I was going to be forced to have a massage otherwise get it in the behind.

    Why didn’t Dershowitz request to have a male masseuse? Because he seemed to act modest by not getting completely naked for a massage.

    I don’t understand why he stripped down to his throng lingerie in front of a school aged girl in braces? (Doesn’t that sound like the act of a child molester?)

    What didn’t he like about massages? Was it because he couldn’t get a bj from a child wearing braces?

    I don’t understand. The only thing that makes sense is that he didn’t want Jeffrey Epstein to violently rape him, dehumanize him, distort his identity and rob him of his innocence? He doesn’t seem very innocent but he insists that he is.


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