The Franklin Cover up (AKA ‘Conspiracy of Silence’)

The Franklin child sex ring was a politically-connected child prostitution ring in Omaha NE during the 1980s. Children from all over Omaha, including the Boys Town orphanage and Nebraska foster care system, were kidnapped to be abused at sex parties. Republican powerbroker Lawrence E. King operated the ring and hosted these sex parties, which were attended by political and business elites in Omaha. He also flew these children around the country, particularly to Washington DC, to be abused by other rich and powerful men. The main purpose of King’s pedophile ring was blackmailing politicians, government officials, businessmen, and media figures with proof of them having sexually abused children. King carried out this blackmail operation on behalf of the CIA, in partnership with Republican lobbyist and CIA asset Craig J. Spence, whose DC home he would often fly children to. Continue reading The Franklin Cover up (AKA ‘Conspiracy of Silence’)